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카지노사이트 NEW Histories behind the FIFA World Cup


If there is a one major sporting event on the planet, it is the FIFA World Cup. A celebration that has brought the best of the best teams from the five continents together and faced them to real struggles for glory every four years, since 1930. If you also want to be a part of this global party, open a betting account with no restrictions and become a member of BET-IBC family. But before all the football frenzy begins, sit down and enjoy the following short stories that will show you a side you may not have known about the World Cup.

A memorable footballer One of the most important figures of the World Cup of 1930 played in Uruguay and rarely remembered is the charrúa Héctor Castro, who had the privilege of scoring the first goal of “La Celeste” in the great event. The most curious thing is that he achieved this feat without having an arm which he lost after an accident while manipulating an electric saw. Anyway, this unfortunate incident did not stop him from playing and becoming a glory to the point of becoming baptized as “El Divino Manco” (the divine one-armed).

Win or die! The 1938 World Cup was played in France. Benito Mussolini ruled in Italy and he sent a telegram to the captain of the Azzurri team, Giuseppe Meazza, with a message as clear as water: “Win or die!”, a threat that the player would never forget. So much so, from that point, the Italian played as if there was no tomorrow to finally ended up winning the cup, returning home safe and sound. After France 1938, the Italian team won another two cups and although this great squad will not participate in this last edition, do not miss a single of the 64 matches and take advantage of the great odds of one of the most reliable bookmakers!

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